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Love is really pain.
21 February 2013@6:59 PM
Assalamualaikum dear :)

Sorry, 2 weeks I did'nt post any entry because I have been busy with my assignment and the dateline is next week. Grrr!

Eventhough, for this week, I was too gloomy and moody. Why?

Guess what? Encik Adam? I don't think so. 

That's true when people say true love never turn back.

It will come once and go anywhere until we can't find it again. Yes it's true..

And I will share about my life, my love, my loneliness, my bad, my dreams and so on..

Just today, I will share about the person that I love before and he have a new life with a nice girl that he likes. She was graduated as a teacher. I know she and me is like "pipit and enggang". She is more talented than me. And she is sepadan lah with my ex.. 

Sometimes, I remembered when we are together. Feels like I didn't want to break up with you. But, my mom and my sis don't like us to couple eventhough I was in high school that time. And he was in Unikl studying animation.

Yes I know this situation is almost 5 years. He is my First Love.

His name, Farid Ashakir. He is nice man. He from Kuala Kangsar, Perak. 

He broke up our relationship in myspace. Because that time is famous with myspace and I don't have handphone in my hand and my mom took it because SPM is so near. And why he don't want to see me to tell this up? I was just shock with this. I go home and cried when I know all this. My mom and my sis have been talking to him in myspace and I did'nt know anything. How cruel them do this to me.

And yesterday, everything has made up my mind. I'm just open google and my hand gatal sangat type his name. And surprisely, I saw his picture with his new girlfriend. I feel so sad.

Until now, I was still remember his face, his telephone number, his hometown, his fullname.. And everything about him. His girlfriend untung sangat because have him. And they have plan to get married as soon as possible. Gosh!

Don't you ever have a nice man in your life? except your grandpa, father and brother?

I do have one. But, I don't want to lose my new man.

Mr.Adam, If you read this, I love you so much.. I don't want to losing you for two times. First, I know I was made a mistakes to you.

Because of this man, I was not me. I'm just keep my all secret from anyone. My life, my pain..

If I could face this situation, why not the situation with you? Allah will give the best for us. Insyaallah... Ameen.

p/s: In the name of Allah, now I'm in love only with this man, Mohamad Adam.